9 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account to 10k Followers

Achieving 10k Instagram followers can be difficult and time-consuming but once you get them you can see the real potential of your Instagram account to grow even further. That is the reason the getting to the 10k mark swiftly is so crucial especially if you are dreaming big like 1 million followers.


The internet is full of blogs and videos explaining how to grow your Instagram followership to 10k but the truth is; not all of these hacks work. Further, the same approach that helped someone reach 10k followers doesn’t need to work for you as well.

Here we have shortlisted 9 tips and tricks that can help you get 10k Instagram followers organically:

  1. Optimize your Instagram Profile

The Instagram profile is your face and introduction to any new potential follower. It is the first thing someone may look at and decide to follow you or not. A balanced and well-written profile has a better chance to show up in search and can tempt the viewer to follow you.

Your profile includes your name that should also include your profession or business with a pipe sign (|) or with a plus (+) sign e.g. Summer Channing | Blogger. This can help you show up in searches as well. A well-crafted and concise bio and good quality profile picture is a must.

  1. It Takes A Platform To Grow A Platform

This tip may not be for everybody but it is definitely for some of you who are already using another platform and are relatively new on Instagram. Several other platforms can draw traffic to your Instagram account and help you grow followers.

Examples of such platforms can by Facebook, YouTube and podcasting. YouTube works as a search engine for videos and people are constantly searching for videos of their interest. People can watch your videos that haven’t even subscribed to your channel and can be directed to your Instagram account.

  1. Commenting

Commenting is another tool that can help you get noticed. Responding to people’s comments, engaging in conversations and commenting on competitors/ partners post is a good way to attract traffic.

Commenting on high-quality content and popular posts will have it exposed to a large audience. You can use creative hashtags and keywords to further magnify your comment. Comment on the right time of the day or night and week to make them more fruitful.

  1. Act Fast

Your prompt actions on Instagram can make you big. If you have something new or big to share or post be the first to do it. If you are late in posting it someone else might get the spotlight. Let’s say you are at an event or a venue where you know something big has happened to post it right away with as little delay as possible

The same is true about commenting. Try to be at least in the top 5 people who comment on the posts of big accounts in your niches. First people to comment usually get the most likes and even replies by the content producer himself/herself.

  1. Post Regularly

If you post regularly on your account you are providing your followers with a supply of content they want to look at. This can make you a consistent source of the content of that specific niche and help you increase followership

Post on Sundays as well. Sundays have fewer posts that can increase your chances of getting your content at the top and expose your account to more followers. So post consistently.

  1. Use Hashtags& Keywords

Find and research top-performing hashtags and use them in your posts. For a specific niche of your interest, you can make a list of the most popular and powerful keywords and hashtags and use them accordingly.

You can use the bulk of your hashtags in a comment to avoid big and lengthy descriptions of your posts. The comment will be buried among other comments and will still serve its purpose.

You can also coin your custom hashtag specific to you or your business. Use this hashtag in your post’s description and increase recognition and make you more searchable.

  1. Share for Share (S4S)

Share for share or S4S means that you share other people’s content and them in return share yours. You may ask how that will help, but it does. This technique can introduce your content to a whole different audience of someone else and vice-versa.

Several Instagram celebrities collaborate to use S4S and shout-outs to increase their followership and quickly make their content visible in a substantial group of people without any tough effort.

  1. Give Your Viewers What They Want

The relationship between your audience and you is what makes your content likable. If you know your viewer’s needs and the type of content they love you can produce the most popular and engaging posts.

Add geo-tags to focus on the local users. You can also tag popular brands and other famous personalities along with geo-tags to increase viewership.

  1. Avoid Overdoing It And Be Yourself

The last tip is Not to do rather a To Do. Excess of everything is bad and the same is the case with you overdoing all the above-mentioned steps. Do not over a comment, like, post, engagements, use of hashtags and other activities. These can be rendered spam activities.

If you are not careful you might start losing followers, worse you can get banned if you violate Instagram’s hourly limits of liking, commenting, and following.

Be yourself and show your originality in a refined way that your target audience will praise. Following these simple steps can increase your chances of follower growth rapidly. You won’t have to buy likes or use cheating or bots of any kind. Plus the followers you get will be loyal, original, and specific to you, your profession and your business.

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