9 Mind-Blowing Tips to Design Best pre roll packaging

pre roll packaging

Pre-roll products have a great demand in the market nowadays. The ever-growing demand has pushed many marketers to invest in the business of pre-rolls. With plenty of newer businesses coming to the scene every day, making your pre-roll business stand out is quite challenging. But, pre rolls packaging is there for you to highlight the unique factors of your products and brand. All you need is the implementation of the right strategy towards the unique packaging design in this matter. If you lack ideas in making an extraordinary packaging design, you might find the following tips beneficial.

Keep it simple:

Several brands are using the concept of minimalism to design their pre roll boxes professionally. Simple design is not meant to keep your design generic but to make it more clear and clean. In quest of aesthetic appeal, you might tempt to include colors having more audacity and flamboyant typefaces in the design. But, they render it highly unprofessional by producing a visual noise. The minimal design always pays off to give your brand a more contemporary and stylish look. Just make sure to include legible fonts highlighted with plain colors, white and black.

Creative style:

The style of pre roll packaging is a critical element to determine its attractiveness and impact on the shelf. Go with an ordinary style, and you would lose all your chances to seize the attention of the target audience. Till the very moment, the window box design is considered a real attention-grabber in the market. Take the help of die-cut technology to introduce some creative cutout patterns on your packaging. You should also mind substituting the cut parts of the packaging with transparent PVC films. Such a box style provides a naked view of the packaged pre-rolls while also looking stunning.

Leafy artwork:

The pre-rolls are obtained from the leaves of a famous plant. So, the idea is to incorporate leafy artwork when designing custom pre rolls packaging. Several experts believe such a design concept is cliché. But, it is still the best since it makes your products easily identifiable across the whole market. Stylize your logo in the form of a leaf, and if you fear that someone is using the same concept, modernize its appearance. It could be done by making your logo in the form of a pointy leaf or changing its color artistically.

Organic design:

Another useful idea is to go for organic designs when making pre roll boxes. To transform this design idea into reality, make use of green and muted brown hues. These are special colors that hint back at the natural and organic nature of pre-rolls. They also highlight the efficacy of the products by suggesting the non-harmful nature. It is greatly appreciated by the consumers in the pre-roll industry who support the organic movement.

Vintage scheme:

The introduction of vintage schemes in the packaging design is a great tip to give some nostalgic feels to the people. Feature some country-style typefaces and brown Kraft into your packages in this matter. They provide a historical overview of the pre-rolls by taking the target audience back into the simplest times. You can also combine the vintage aesthetics of your packages with the leafy imagery for a great shelf impact.

Be sustainable:

The environmental awareness among the customers is at its peak. It is now not a hidden fact that plastic poses significant risks for the survivability of our planet. And, steps are needed to curtail the application of plastic in society. Adopt a sustainable packaging design for your items, like many other brands, to convince eco-conscious consumers. The topmost approach towards sustainable packaging is the use of eco-friendlier materials in its manufacturing process.

Play with words:

There is a set of data about pre-rolls that need to be conveyed to their users. It is this information that makes or breaks the sales of your company. So, play around with the words and highlight the recreational use of your products on the custom pre rolls packaging. The indication towards the recreational uses must be made in a playful and humorous manner. This way, your items will appear more fun and playful for the users and give your brand an added advantage over other competitors.

Add handles:

Considering the functional aspect of pre roll packaging is the most important design concept. You can make them as visually pleasant as you wish, but there is no point in doing so unless they are practical. In this concept, the handles are added to the lid of packages to make them portable. The handles could be in the form of side pockets or small holes at the lid that provide a perfect grip. They contribute towards a more convenient and user-friendly design that ultimately uplifts the perceived value of your items.

Psychedelic design:

A psychedelic aesthetic design is a special concept that can perhaps never go out of style. This design embraces an unworldly ambiance with the use of groovy typography, spiral patterns, bold colors, and extreme detail. Other things such as holographic effects and hippie symbols can also be added to achieve this design. It is the most visually exploited design that is known for its efficacy to capture the customers’ attention instantly.

A custom printed boxes packaging design always pays off by increasing the product and brand value among prospective clients. Keep the design of your pre roll packaging inventive and artistic to leave everlasting strong impressions in the market. For this purpose, you can adopt strategies such as creative stylization, leafy artwork printing, and vintage designing.

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