This is the best season for the wedding. Engagement is much more than selecting the best engagement ring for women. If you have been engaged then it is the time for an engagement party. Here are 9 easy steps to have a perfect engagement party.

  1. Deciding who is going to host

Traditionally, the engagement party is hosted by the bride’s family, but it is not a compulsory rule to be followed. It can be you, your fiance, your family, your siblings or her siblings, BFF.  It can be anyone who can plan the party.

The point to be remembered is that you cannot have an engagement party at all, but you can have a get together with your S.O if you stay at different places or live far from each other.

  1. Picking up a date

Engagement parties are held when someone proposes to his love and you announce your engagement at the party! If there is a long time gap between your engagement or you didn’t get time to travel your home then a slight delay to your date is not a big deal as far as there is no other pre-wedding ceremony that has taken place.

Having a delay in your wedding gives you that kind of realization that you are getting married. Delaying your wedding gives you more time to understand each other.

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  1. Preparing the guest list

As after your pre-wedding ceremony is done and you finally create your guest list don’t forget to invite those members who were already invited to the pre-wedding ceremony. That is you and your partner should make a proper and preliminary list of guests. If you are hosting the engagement party yourself, then you know whom to have in your guest list.

In case if someone else is throwing the party for you on your behalf then you must check the list before they pass the list for invitations. To make your engagement party great you must invite those who are close to you and will be available for your wedding.

  1. Choosing an appropriate venue

An engagement party can be held on a big scale with around 200- 300 people or a small scale with 50-100. The party may be formal or informal, it totally depends on your choice. But, there are a lot of choices when it comes to deciding a venue.in case of a casual theme,  you can organize the party at any of your family member’s backyard or at your parent’s house. You can even host your event at a beach or any park. In the case of a formal theme, a kind of private place like a dining room or a restaurant is the best place to host the engagement party.

  1. Sending invitations

The more your invitation is catchy the more people are interested to join you at your party. If you don’t have enough time to design an invitation card then the paper invitations are a good option to go with. It saves a lot of time.

Is your invitation more casual, then you should opt for an e-invite. The one good thing about e-vite is that there are a lot of design options. If you have a budget then your invitation should be more subtle and formal.

  1. Deciding the menu

No matter whether your party is formal, casual, the most important thing is to serve good food and drinks to your guests at the party. Most of the guests come with the intention of eating food. Arrange the menu in such a way that your guests are happy and satisfied.

There is no need for having a large course sit down dinner, but there must definitely be some kind of starters on which the guest will eat a lot and sip on. Add some different kinds of cuisine for eg. Chinese, continental, Thai, etc.

  1. Setting the scene

Moreover like other engagement party details, the theme and the decoration of the party can be whatever you would like. Candlelight is one of the best options to go for a few small floral arrangements that will light up the night.

If you have selected the place which has already been decorated like the party hall or restaurant etc. you can add your own touch up to the decoration.

  1. Decide the outfit

Buying the best engagement ring for women is a task and so is getting the best outfit. You must choose the outfit that is appropriate for the party setting. A summer or sundress is a good option for the outdoor engagement party. A cocktail dress is more suitable for a formal evening, a light grey or a navy blue suit is best for the groom.

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Wearing a tuxedo to the garden party is not a good option. It is not necessary to wear all white if you don’t feel like it. Your partner’s dress should match with yours to complement your outfit as well as it should fit the theme of the celebration.

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