8 Best Free Movies App

There are many television channels, which people can use to watch movies. The main disadvantage is that there are too many ads in between which increases thea duration of the movies. Now people have started watching movies online. There are many websites, which provide the facility to watch free movies online. Some websites have few small ads while some provide ads free movies. The quality of the videos is also good.  Here is the list of some of the websites, which people can use to watch movies online

Showbox for iOS

Showbox is an app which iPhone users can install and watch movies free of cost. The app can be easily installed on the iOS platform with only a few clicks. The app is not available in the Apple app store as it has been removed due to unknown reasons. Besides movies, users can also watch TV shows and soap operas. Users can either watch the movies online or can download them and watch them offline.

In order to install the app on the PC, users must also install the vShare app to connect the iOS device. After verifying the security restrictions, users can search for Showbox app and install it.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an app, which users can use to watch movies and TV shows without any subscription. The videos streaming can be done at fast speed users can watch the content produced by MGM, Paramount, etc. The movies of many categories are available on the app. These categories include drama, comedy, horror, romance, kids, family, and many others. The videos available on this app include advertisements. This is the only disadvantage of this app.


Vudu is an app, which people can use to watch thousands of movies free of cost. The app is free and people can install them on mobiles and PCs. The app is good for iOS users as the content can be streamed in HDX format. For other devices, users have to use Airplay. Users also have the options of downloading the movies and watch them offline.

Sling TV

Sling TV is an app, which can be easily installed on any electronic device like PCs, Android, and iOS mobiles and tablets. There are various categories of content available on this app and these categories include movies, kids, news, sports, lifestyle, etc. People will also get the facility of watching hit shows like Atlanta, SportsCenter, and many others. Users have the options of choosing the channels and also cancel them later.


Users can install this free app on their iOS mobiles and watch free movies. There are thousands of movies available on this app. The available categories of movies are action, thriller, horror, drama, comedy, and many others. The content can be easily streamed through mobile network or Wi-Fi and users can watch them on iPhones, iPads, and tablets.

Snag Films

Snag Films is one of the popular apps available on the Apple app store for watching movies without paying anything. The app can be easily installed on the iOS devices and people will be able to enjoy TV shows and movies. The app is updated regularly and people can watch the movies and TV shows of their choice. There are various categories of movies available on this app like action, horror, comedy, family, drama, and many others.


This app has a disadvantage that there are numerous ads, which the users will see while watching the movies. Another disadvantage is that the movies released recently are available only for a short time. After that, the movies are replaced by other movies. The app is free and people can watch movies and TV shows without paying a penny. Along with recent movies, people can also watch classic movies like The Vagabond, Nosferatu, etc.


This is a free app in which people can watch classic movies and TV shows. The only disadvantage is that the app does not have the latest TV shows or movies. The app has a large library and people can find a lot of classic movies to watch.

Wrapping Up

These are a few apps for watching movies free of cost. There are many other apps, which provide the feature of watching movies and other content free of cost. Users just have to install them and watch movies online or offline.

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