7 Quintessential Questions That Every Bride To-Be Must Ask To A Mehndi Artist


Mehndi Laga Ke rakhna, Doli saja ke rakha….the much hyped peppy wedding song of the late 20’s made the people to groove to its tunes. The popular Bollywood number highlighted the importance of a Mehendi ceremony amidst the wedding extravaganza. The red color of Mehendi is symbolic of love and purity which is why it is considered as a mandatory wedding ritual. Mehendi forms one of the essential elements of solah shringar which stands for the 16 beautification steps that enhance the beauty of a woman.

Every girl dreams of being the perfect bride decked in a red bridal outfit and adorned in her bridal ensemble with henna on her hands and feet. Without mehndi on her hands and feet, an Indian bride is considered incomplete. Mehendi is what makes a girl look a swoon-worthy bride. As per Indian beliefs, the red tint of mehndi ensures the longevity of the husband. It is said that the deeper and darker is the color of Mehendi the more is the love of the husband. Owing to the importance of Mehendi in a bride’s ensemble it needs to be applied by a professional. It’s your wedding and you cannot risk out getting your Mehendi applied by an amateur.

Irrespective of whether you are getting married in Kolkata, Pune or Mumbai you need to book a Mehendi artist to enhance your beauty and uplift the mood of the wedding. Are you planning to book the top Mehendi artist in Ludhiana, Kolkata or wherever you’re getting married? With the number of mehndi designs and mehndi artists available in the market, it is easy to get confused about which one to pick and which one to ditch? Confused about your selection? Stop worrying as we have got your back. Here we have brought a list of questions that every bride needs to ask a Mehendi artist before hiring them. Check it out.

What is your pricing?

The Indian wedding market has a number of Mehendi artists and every vendor has their own pricing. Prior to booking a Mehendi artist ask for them for quotations to get a better idea about their pricing. Quotations also help to get familiarize with the services and mehndi styles offered by the Mehendi artist within the pricing.

Do you use natural henna?

You definitely would not want to end up with skin irritation post your Mehendi session. That is the last thing you would want to happen. To avoid this glitch ask the Mehendi artist about the quality and type of Mehendi they use. Black Mehendi consists of chemicals that is why they stain instantly but they have harmful effects as well. Natural henna takes time to stain but is devoid of chemicals.

Do you have a portfolio?

A top mehndi artist would always have a portfolio that describes the various types of mehndi designs that they apply, brand image, market reputation, past experience, references, previous work samples, testimonials received from happy clients. To sum it all up a portfolio is what verses you well about the Mehendi artist enabling you to judge whether they are worth hiring or not.

How much time do you need for applying mehndi?

Mehndi ceremonies are all about music, dance and having fun. You definitely would not want to miss out on all that fun by sitting and waiting for the Mehendi artist to finish their work.  Ask your Mehendi artist how swift they are at the art of mehndi application. A professional Mehendi artist is a pro at work and takes less time in comparison to an amateur mehndi artist.

How many artists would be there on the day of the mehndi ceremony?

It is one of the most essential questions as a single artist cannot apply mehndi on the hands of many guests at a single time; rather they need assistance for the same. A professional Mehendi artist always has a team of artists who are pro at their work. While hiring a mehndi artist ask them about their workforce.

How much do you charge for guest Mehendi?

Mehendi artist has separate charges for bridal and guest mehndi. While hiring a Mehendi artist ask them about how much they charge for guest Mehendi.

Do you provide a trial session?

Mehndi celebration is one of the most important wedding rituals and you would want things to be perfect for it. Before finalizing your Mehendi artist ask them whether they provide a trial session or not. A trial session ensures your of your choice and also enables you to check whether the quality of the mehndi suits your skin type or not. It also familiarizes you with the working style of the artist.

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