7 Points For Making A Bet In Matchbook Horse Racing

Making bets on matchbook horse racing is one of the eldest and liked a way to win money. However,making abet is the main part of the deal. If the chosen horse does not win then the wager suffers loss. However, on the other way around the winner takes it all. So it is necessary to be well informed about horse racing before having the bet made.

Horse Racing


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Facts to keep in mind to correctly choose the winner horse

Although it cannot be said with absolute certainty that which horse will win, there are some characteristics which are only seen on a winning horse. Experienced speakers look for these distinct features in horses. The features are as follows –

  1. Time is taken to finish the previous race: – It is a good factor to notice that what the time was taken by the horse, selected for betting, in the last race to finish.
  2. Ratings: – Ratings given on the horses from the authority is a deciding factor to keep an eye on.
  3. Preferred side: – On which side the horse runs good,e. either right or left handed tracks is information to look for.
  4. Ratings of the jockey: – Sometimes champion horses lose the race due to not so good jockeys. So selecting an excellentjockey is equally important as selectinga great
  5. Type of the soil: – This can reflect a good effect on the race. On a sandy ground horses with strong hoofs are considered to run well due to the extra grip of the hoofs.
  6. History of the trainer: – Guidance is an important thing for any candidate to win a race. Horses and jockeys trained under expert coaches are bound to mirror an effect of great extent in the race.
  7. Mass: – Mass of the horse is the crucial thing. Heavy horses run slowly while feeble horses do not have the power to win. So a well proportionate horse is needed to be selected towin.

These were the main deciding factor for a winner horse from its appearance. Although these are not hard rock rules having these qualities increases the possibility to win.

Myth busting

Conventionally it is believed that buying a high priced mare and breeding it well will lead to a champion horse. However, currently, in a study, researchers of the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom have found that this thinking is not completely right. The study was conducted with 550 mounts. The quality of a race winner resides in its genes. Moreover, the only price cannot reflect the effect of the genes because the price is dependent on popularity, availability and other factors. So buying an expensive steed does not necessarily mean buying the best genes.

Various Horse breeds

Horse Racing

Source: Wikipedia

Breed of a horse affects its racing quality greatly. In past when science was not much developed naturally occurred breed dominated the market for horses. However, with the growth of artificial insemination and other cross-breeding techniques high breed horses came into existence and stole the thunder from traditional horse breeds due to their higher efficiency. There are some popular horse breeds as follows-

  1. Thoroughbred: –

The thoroughbred breed is the result of cross-breeding among Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian, Byerly Turk and English horses or imported breeds. The qualities of Thoroughbred are

  1. Their height is marked by 60 inches to 68 inches or more.
  2. They can run average distances at high speed.
  3. Their endurance level is good.

Due to these qualities, the Thoroughbred breed is count as one of the best racing horses.

  1. Arabian horse: – This kind of horses was modified by Arab Bedouin tribes. In 1908 they were registered as racing horses with Jockey Club. The main reasons behind their preferences are
    1. They can run large gaps with medium pace due to the presence of abundant type-I muscle which is specially developed for long periods of working.
    2. Their endurance is greater than Thoroughbred.
  • Their abundance of muscle does not slow them down.

Arabian horses mainly run in endurance racing, but they are also used in normalracing also.

  • Quarter horse: – These kind of horses are the crossbreed of Colonial Spanish horses and English horses. They were recognized as a racing horse in 1940. They were used for plowing fields and other cattle works due to their strong muscle built. Quarter horses are used as fast sprinter due to the presence of type-II muscle fibers in them. They are not suitable for endurance race as Arabian horses because their hind limb muscles are bigger than Arabian horses. Quarter horses started their racing career with a 400-meter long distance racing track because a full race track deposition was not financially a good idea for them.

Apart from these three renowned breeds, other breeds are Appaloosa, American Paint Horse, Mules, SelleFrancais, Korean Jeju,etc.

Making a bet is not a matter of luck it is clear science. The more knowledge bettor has about the horses more chances he or she deserves to win!

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