7 Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Many people focus on things that they should do while preparing to move and forget about the crucial job they should not do while preparing for the move. It is easy being entangled with all the moving confusion. Luckily professional movers like Move with Ben can assist you. There are numerous moving mistakes that can happen while moving your stuff, and there are ways you can avoid those mistakes.

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1.       Not Getting Enough Information on a Moving Firm

There are a lot of moving firms but not each one of them is alike. Get the perfect firm for your move.

Ask for referrals, check reviews, and contact several different firms for info and prices. If you select the first company that appears on your search results page, you will be taking a massive risk with your stuff.

Do thorough research with different tools offered by AIMA. The objective is to get a verified and reputable company that you can trust to move you.

2.       Not Getting the Required Insurance

Federal laws require national moving companies to provide release-value security and complete value security to customers.

Full value security does not mean that the organization will offer you a cheque for the number of your damaged commodities.

Still, they will have to replace the product with one of similar value or pay for repairs. There is also detached liability insurance, which is provided by some companies and is administered by the national law.

You can check for residential owners’ insurance if you have one to see if it secures commodities in motion.

Ask what kinds of insurance options cover your items when you are selecting a moving organization.

Once you have all the information you need, you can now decide what insurance policy makes a lot of sense and pick a mover.

3.       Trying to do Everything on Your Own

Moving companies are not cheap, but they are critical and helpful. Trying to move by yourself or even with friends will be time-consuming and tiresome compared to hiring professionals like Move with Ben.

If you have valuable stuff, it will be way riskier. There are various circumstances where moving on your own is okay.

However, it would be a mistake to instantly remove the idea of hiring a professional mover because you want to save money or think that moving is an easy task.

Think about how your move will be and how much effort you are willing to put on the entire process.

If you do not have too much stuff, then doing it by yourself is an okay choice. However, if you own plenty of things, you should strongly consider hiring the pros.

4.       You Are Not Giving Yourself Enough Time for Packing

Even if you plan to throw stuff randomly into boxes, packing requires time. You might think it will only take a few minutes or a couple of hours to pack.

However, you will soon find out that you’re mistaken. Rooms such as the kitchen, take a lot of time packing, especially breakable items.

Waiting until the last minute to pack will add unnecessary stress to your move. It is better to start early and follow a plan.

Take the time to plan out how, what, and when you will start packing. Break it down by room to make the task less overwhelming.

Do not forget to add extra time to wrap and protect delicate items with bubble wrap or

5.       Giving Yourself so Much Time

Packing too early and packing too late are both mistakes you want to avoid. If you pack up too early frequently used rooms like the kitchen and bathroom too far in advance, you will need to unpack the

items you need and then repack them again.

6.   Not Disposing of Unnecessary Items

It is worse having more things that require moving because you will waste valuable time unpacking items that you do not need anymore.

Sometimes people become lazy and end up throwing everything in boxes rather than organizing and disposing of unnecessary items. These items can make relocation more costly

While packing, arrange items that you do not require and donate or sell them. Do not pack and move things you do not need or want.


7.  Forgetting to Pack Moving Essential

Essential items are always the most difficult to find after a move. An essential moving bag is a duffle bag or just a suitcase for storing stuff that should not get misplaced or need after your move.

Select a designated container and place all your essentials there.

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