7 mistakes you may be making with your carpet purchase

Carpets are a wonderful furnishing product that can change the way a room or even a house looks. While carpet cleaning in Ipswich may be a challenging task for many, we use them in our homes when renovating or building a house. Since these last longer, not a lot of people need to buy them often or many times in their lifetime. Therefore, there is always confusion surrounding the right way of buying carpets.

So, here are seven mistakes that most people make when purchasing a carpet.

Judging by the weight

Most people erroneously believe that the higher the face weight value is, the better the carpet. The truth is, there are many other factors to consider when getting a carpet, including the twist and density. These need to be considered, as well.

Carpets are all the same

When comparing carpets, don’t rely on the look and the feel to decide a pair of carpets are the same. Instead, look at the quality, the fiber, and style; if these are the same, then you are comparing apples to apples.

“Saving money” on deals

Who doesn’t love promotions and offers? However, when it comes to buying carpets, deals need scrutiny. There could be hidden and extra fees from the company installing the carpet, even if the one you bought it from has a discount sale.

Neglecting the under pad

A quality under pad leads to a lasting carpet, as it absorbs the impact of foot traffic. However, many make the mistake of skimping on this and choosing an expensive rug. When buying a carpet, do spend more on the under pad.

Avoiding the professionals

Carpet installation is costly. However, unless you have a basic square room, installing carpet is not meant to be a DIY project. Not calling in the professional to save money can cost you even more in the form of a replacement.

Taking the wrong measurements

Measuring your house is relatively simple. However, when it comes to a carpet, things get complicated, as it goes well beyond just the square footage. Getting the wrong measurement obviously leads to getting the wrong carpet. Which can be a costly mistake.

Not choosing the right one

Lastly, perhaps the biggest mistake you may be making is not choosing a carpet fit for your lifestyle. Don’t go from the price or the looks, instead of base your decision on how durable it will be considering the foot traffic in your house.


Carpets can add a tinges of warmth to your house. However, the wrong one can have you looking for a new one sooner than you need to, generally. Therefore, avoid basing decisions on looks, feel, and price or avoid professional assistance with measurements and installation. With that clear, let’s go carpet shopping!

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