6 Tips for Organizing a Corporate Sports Event

Organizations that constantly invest time, effort, and money to improve employee morale in the workplace can always expect many benefits in return.

Employees that are happy with their job and employer are highly motivated. Because of this, they will be more productive and perform better in the workplace. Additionally, they will be more collaborative and work well with their co-workers.

Moreover, organizations that foster positive employee morale have no difficulties keeping workers loyal, and turnover rates low.

Keeping Employees Happy Through Sports

There are various tried-and-tested ways that improve and maintain positive morale in the workplace. A strategy that has gained popularity in recent years is providing employees opportunities to engage in sports.

A study has shown that allowing employees to watch sporting events and getting involved in sports offers several benefits to the workers themselves and the organization as a whole. These include:

  • Increased creativity and productivity in the workplace
  • Better communication, collaboration, and interpersonal relationships among workers
  • Enhanced mood and motivation in the office
  • Improved overall health of employees

Since these benefits lead to better performance, engagement, and loyalty, many organizations are taking steps to get their employees involved in sports. Many are doing this by hosting regular corporate sporting events.

Planning Your First Company Sports Event

If you want to promote teamwork and wellness, and boost company morale through friendly intra-company competition, follow these tips shared by experienced sport event organizers:

1. Create a comprehensive plan

Whether you want to host a formal or informal sporting event, prepare a detailed plan. This document should contain all the essential information you need to organize and host the affair.

These details should include:

  • The event goals
  • The main sport and other activities, if any
  • Schedule and venue
  • The approximate number of participants
  • Activities
  • Budget

Be as specific as you can. Write down estimates if you don’t have the exact figures yet. Additionally, make a schedule of things to be done, leading to the event.

2. Organize a team

Regardless of the scale and type, planning a sports event is never easy. If you want to guarantee the success of this occasion, work with a team.

Create a planning committee by enlisting volunteers or getting reliable employees to help you out. Explain to them what the event is all about and the goals you need to achieve.  

Once everyone is on the same page, assign duties. If the event is large, divide the members into teams. Choose employees who have shown proficiency in leading and delivering results to head these groups.

You will avoid various problems caused by miscommunication or misunderstanding when each team has a leader since you will only be talking to a few people. Each point person will then take care of circulating information or handing out the tasks to their members.

3. Plan different types of competitions

Even if the event is only a day long or lasting only for a few hours, give all employees a chance to participate and reap the benefits of sports by organizing a variety of activities.

For instance, if tennis and badminton are on the list of activities, organize single and doubles matches. In case football is the main sport, aside from the main game, include an hour for employees to learn and play kickball – a fun variation of soccer.

If possible, add games and activities that even those that do not like sports will be willing to try. These can include simple team-building exercises such as scavenger hunts and relay races.  

Aside from giving all employees the chance to join the event, you will also allow them to test their skills and discover their levels of athleticism.

4. Choose the right venue

If your workplace has spacious grounds, work with the event committee to prepare the area for the various sports activities. Set up the net for tennis, the goal areas for football, etc. Designate and prepare a place for the spectators as well.

In case you will rent a venue, book it three to four weeks before the event. Make sure it has everything required for the different activities such as a court, the equipment, and gears, dressing rooms, and lockers, dining area, etc.

Look for a sports center that caters to corporate sporting events so that you won’t have to do a lot to prepare the site. These venues will ensure everyone will be comfortable throughout the day.

5. Create the event program

Whether it is a short or long event, ensure its smooth flow by creating a schedule for all activities.

Start by setting the time all employees have to be at the venue. Include in the program any opening and closing remarks, the schedule of activities, snack and lunch breaks, and expected time the event will end.

When creating the program, keep in mind that different activities and participants may share equipment and officials. Do not schedule them at the same time to avoid conflicts.

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