6 Key Trends In Online Betting That Will Change How You Place Bets

Technology has made it possible for us to place bets on an array of games from the perfect of your home. It also allows you to place bets on international sports from wherever you are. The industry of online betting and gambling is continually growing, attracting more users to become betters.

Online betting is an ever-changing playing field, and the change in trends has become much more prominent after the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to place more accurate bets and earn profits from them, knowing the changing betting trends is crucial. Applying your learnings in premier events like Randwick Guineas does help. Here are the top key trends that will ultimately change the way you place your bets.

1. Mobile Technology

In this day and age, one can hardly imagine their life without a mobile phone. They are handy devices that can help you place bets on the go. That is why the future of online betting lies with mobile technology. Even traditional bettors have tested this form of betting since they could no longer place physical bets due to the pandemic. Take for example betting in Golden Slipper; you can place a bet even if the lockdowns are in action and premier events took place with little attendance. Mobile gambling apps and sites are gaining tremendous popularity and market share as people can gamble and bet anytime, anywhere. There are more and more reliable and high-quality betting and gambling sites that people have been using globally with the help of their mobile phones.

2. AR and VR

Although Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) mostly came out with games, the gambling industry has also taken an interest in adopting them. Betters can place bets by living real-time experiences of the games and being right there while simultaneously being miles away. Casinos have also already started adopting AR and VR to provide a new experience to people. VR experience will be highly immersive, realistic, and incomparable to anything else, making it a betting trend that everyone will want to try for themselves.

3. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

This is a type of betting that allows individuals to place bets using bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. This type of online betting is one of the biggest trends the industry will experience because it is simple and more secure. These casinos and betting services will also use blockchain technology. They don’t require personal or credit card information, making it faster, safer, and transparent.

4. Smartwatches

However, this type of technology is currently used for notifications about games and available bets; it is predicted to be modified to become even better. This is because, with their smartwatches, people will be able to bet on the go. A rising betting trend in the industry that needs to be tapped and will ultimately take over the gambling industry is betting and gambling from smartwatches.

5. Live Dealers

Similar to virtual reality technologies, gambling games will also start including live dealers. People would be able to play poker games or other casino games through their phone or computer screen with live dealers available. These dealers will provide players with everything they might need from a physical casino. This technological video experience has been beneficial during the pandemic to bet and gamble from their homes while staying safe. Thanks to the development, you can now bet on upcoming events like Summer Carnival, Randwick Guineas, Golden Slipper, etc. from the comfort of your home.

6. Machine Learning

An exciting and rising technological betting trend that will become highly effective in helping bettors in the coming years is machine learning. This would help observe players’ behaviors and ultimately predict future patterns of behavior. As a result, bettors would be able to make accurate estimates and place better bets. Similarly, gamblers would also achieve an upper hand over their competitors through the help of machine learning. Moreover, it is believed that machine learning will also help improve other aspects of gambling, such as how to practice responsible gambling and have a personalized experience. Premier events like Golden Slipper, Melbourne Cup, and Randwick Guineas have started experimenting with vast technological advancements to keep the audiences involved.

The Bottom Line

The world of online betting and gambling is continually modifying to become better and tailored to users’ experiences. These gambling sites and apps have finally recognized how technology can be used for everyone’s benefit.

A reliable, easy-to-navigate, and simple online betting service you can use to take advantage of these trends is Palmerbet. With over thirty years of experience in the betting field and a myriad of betting markets from throughout the world, you can place bets on the go with your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

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