6 Highly Important Reasons For Seeking Physical Therapy

The popularity of physical therapy is increasing among patients with each passing day. And the primary reason for that is, it not only helps in subsiding the pain that stems from injuries and illnesses, also helps in strengthening your mobility by addressing the root cause of the condition.


Nowadays, when you consult your physician for healing your pain, they end up referring you to a physical therapist, and you must take their advice seriously.

However, most people ignore the advice of their doctor, which is why they fail to get a permanent solution to their problem. Rather than consulting a physical therapist, they look for painkillers to get quick relief from pain, which is not the right way to treat any condition.

For obtaining a permanent solution, you must try to heal the primary source of your pain, otherwise, you will continue to face it in future. So, rather than relying on anti-inflammatory medications or painkillers, make sure you consult a physical therapist. Whether the source of your pain is an injury to your muscle, ligament, and tendon or a condition like arthritis, which is characterized by the inflammation of joints, you can always rely on a physical therapist.


In addition to that, physical therapy is also very helpful for post-surgical recovery. According to Axes Physical Therapy, “Prior to and after surgery, joint motion and muscle strength are lost quickly. Proper rehabilitation is required to restore normal joint movement and return your strength.”

So, if you are suffering from an injury or illness, here’re the benefits of seeking physical therapy.

Detailed Evaluation of The Problem

When you consult a physical therapist, they check several important things such as your medical history, the range of motion, and symptoms before arriving at a diagnosis. In addition to that, they also discuss the physical therapy treatments that can prove to be beneficial to you.

Once they check your medical history and range of motion, they come to know about the root cause of your problem. And on the basis of that, they tailor a care plan for you. The physical therapy treatments that are included in your care plan are chosen carefully to meet your individual requirements. Yes, unique care plans are designed by the physical therapists for each patients to meet their requirements.

Ideal For Both Chronic & Acute Pain

Physical therapy is perfect for reducing chronic and acute pain. So whether you are suffering from back pain that stems from conditions like a spinal tumor, osteoarthritis, and a pinched nerve, or an auto injury, a physical therapist can offer the right solution to you. For example, if you have injured your back recently, a physical therapist will try to cure your pain and injury with the support of effective exercises.

It’s Great For Sports Injuries

Sports injuries have a severe impact both on the health and career of athletes. Whether you talk about ankle sprains, hamstring strain, groin pull, knee injury, shoulder injury, tennis elbow, or concussion etc., seeking physical therapy can offer a permanent solution to you.

For example, if you talk particularly about the ligament injuries in the knee such as Anterior cruciate ligament(ACL), Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) or Lateral collateral ligament (LCL), seeking physical therapy can subside your pain and improve your function quite fast.

Similarly, if you are suffering from tennis elbow, a condition that’s extremely common among tennis players, opting for physical therapy can bring a world of difference in the health of your affected arm. Tennis elbow is a condition, which is characterized by the wear and tear of tendons that connect muscles to bones in your elbow joint.

Physical therapists are well-trained healthcare professionals who know what’s best for you.

It Helps In Preventing Surgery

If you want to stay away from expensive surgeries and medications, then it’s important to consult a physical therapist as soon as you receive an injury. And even if you haven’t received an injury, but are still struggling with pain and discomfort, it’s better to seek physical therapy. Because your pain could be a result of an underlying illness such as arthritis.

The treatment offered by a physical therapist can easily reduce your pain and restore function by improving joint flexibility and strengthening muscles. In short, by consulting a physical therapist at the right time you can prevent surgeries.

It Improves Balance

 Whether the ability of your body to maintain balance has reduced due to an injury, illness, or old age, opting for physical therapy can change your life completely.  Balance and gait disorders can reduce your quality of life like anything. So, your physical therapist will offer that much-needed gait and balance training to you to reduce the risk of falls.

It Minimises The Recovery Period

You can reduce your recovery period to a great extent if you opt for physical therapy. Injuries and inflammations linked to muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, joints, and bones can be treated very fast with physical therapy. Although, it’s true that you can minimize your pain with painkillers, but that won’t reduce the inflammation or heal the injury. When you receive an injury in any part of your body, it makes that part very stiff, which lead to huge pain and discomfort when you try to move that. It takes weeks and sometimes months to recover from such conditions.

However, physical therapy can heal that stiffness and pain linked to it very fast, thereby shortening your recovery process.

So, if you need a non-surgical treatment for your injury or illness, consult a competent physical therapist as early as possible.

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