6 Essential Features to Look for in a Riding Toy for Your Toddler   


Is your toddler ready to roll but too young to ride a bike? If so, then riding toys might be the perfect option. The history of ride on toys includes brands like Big Wheels and Power Wheels launched several decades ago. It’s important to consider various factors when selecting the best pedal or battery balance bike or go kart to give your little one fun. Here are some critical features.

Foot or Battery Powered

The two main power sources of a ride on toy are pushing/pedaling or battery-powered. When selecting a power source, make sure to consider your kid’s age. For example, younger children might not have the motor skills for riding a balance bike, so an e-go kart would be a better option.

Regardless of your choice, as always it’s important to supervise your son or daughter when they’re riding the toy.

Toy Size

When selecting the ride on toy, it’s important to find the perfect size for your child. When your tot is sitting in the seat his/her feet should be able to touch the floor and pedals. Another test to do is to make sure the child’s legs don’t touch a go kart steering wheel, for example.


This is important to determine which riding toys are best for your child. For example, a battery-powered go-kart or “junior kart” would be ideal for infants.

A toddler’s improved motor skills make a balance bike more practical. These bikes are like regular bikes but have no pedals, so your little one has to push it with their feet.

Riding toys usually comes with a suggested age range. This is based on experts’ research, so it’s important to follow the guidelines so you can choose wisely.

Toy Brand 

Make sure to look for well-established toy companies. For example, BERG started making go-karts in 1985 so it has 35+ years of industry experience. The company also produces BERG Biky balance bikes. Such companies provide a better overall experience versus startups.

Safety Features

As always, it’s important to make safety a top priority when selecting a ride on toy for your kiddo. Make sure to look for safety features and then follow road safety precautions such as bike helmets after selecting a particular make and model.

When choosing a toy, make sure it minimizes the risk of injury. This involves possible mishaps like tipping, falling, and crashing. For example, it should be easy for your kid to stop a foot-powered vehicle when they need to.

Always look for riding toys such as balance bikes that are certified safe. This makes sure they meet industry standards.

Lasting Toy

A toddler’s average attention span is just a few minutes. A ride on toy isn’t “cheap,” it’s a good investment because it can be used for a long-term buy for your child until they’re ready to move up to a regular bike with training wheels.

That said, it’s still important to pick a riding toy that your child will likely keep enjoying for a long time. This is based on factors like their interests and preferences, such as a balance bike’s style, colour, etc.

When picking ride on toys, make sure to consider issues like the toy’s size, age-appropriateness, and safety features. This will allow your child to keep on rolling to a new world of fun.

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