5 Water Geyser Safety Tips One Should Know

Water geysers are currently one of the most common electrical appliances that are used in every household. As they are such an integral part of our house, we often forget to notice how dangerous they can be. Lack of maintenance or other electrical problems may lead to early damage of the geyser and other inconvenient problems. 

Here we will provide you with relevant information regarding the five most important safety tips that you must follow while using a water geyser to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Monitor your geyser’s temperature settings regularly:

Although we all enjoy a hot shower to kick-start our day in a refreshing manner, it is never a good idea to use extremely hot water. We recommend you set your water geyser temperature at medium heat most of the time.

Always make sure to check the settings of the temperature of your water geyser once in a while so that even if someone else changes it by mistake or for some other reason, you can fix it to previous settings.

Do not keep any combustible and inflammable substance near the water geyser:

You must take care to keep any combustible and flammable substances like petrol or diesel can, matchbox, lighter, etc. at a safe distance from your water geyser to prevent any hazardous situations or accidents. Though water geysers from popular brands available online are available with necessary protections from combustible substances, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Ensure adequate ventilation:

Make sure that your water geyser is installed in a well-ventilated area. It is also recommended to inspect its vents once in a while to avoid any accidents. Higher capacity water geysers, especially 25 liters water geysers, often take more time to get your water heated to the desired temperature. Proper ventilation is more necessary in such cases.

Schedule servicing of your geyser at regular intervals:

Like every electrical appliance of your household needs to be properly maintained and checked by an expert regularly, you must follow timely maintenance of your water geyser by scheduling its servicing every six months by an expert. This will help you to notice potential faults before they lead to any potential hazardous accidents.

Seek professional assistance during installation of the water geyser:

Whether you order a water geyser online or buy it from a local store, installing the water geyser requires professional expertise after the product is delivered. Deciding to install your water geyser on your own may not be a good idea. Reach out to the authorized company and ask for expert personnel to get your new water geyser installed safely. 

An additional tip to ensure the longevity of your water geyser is not to leave the water geyser switched on for a long time. Not only is it risky, but it is also a waste of electricity.

Hence you should consider opting for a water geyser that has auto-on-off features incorporated in the product to ensure that your appliance is not overheated. 

If you have been using a water geyser for a long term and its efficiency seems to be deteriorating, contact an expert professional and authorized company or get it replaced with a new one.

We hope now you have a solid grasp and understanding of safety measures and precautions that need to be taken while using a water geyser. As long as you follow all these precautions and safety tips, water geysers will be safe to use for you and your family.

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