5 Tips For Buying Beach Sunglasses

When purchasing sunglasses, there are several aspects to take into account; comfort, visual appeal and efficiency are all high on the must-have list. When you plan to spend time on the beach, there are additional attributes you need. Here are just a few tips to help you make an informed decision when buying sunglasses for the beach.

Beach Sunglasses

100% UV Protection

There’s very little shade on the beach, therefore you should only consider sunglasses with a UV rating of 400, which means 100% protection. By the very nature of a sandy beach, you will no doubt be active, and if you look for sports styles that are wrap-around, they will offer the best eye protection, plus they fit tightly to the face and are not likely to work loose when you are playing beach footie.

Polarized Lenses

There is a lot of glare from the water when in a beach environment, which is one reason to invest in polarized sunglasses, as the polarized coating on the lens is designed to block out glare, which is basically reflected light. You require anti-glare sunglasses in any water environment, and also while driving or operating machinery in an outdoor environment. Hi-end examples, like these women’s wayfarer sunglasses that are polarized, with a wide range of colors, make for the perfect shades for beach life, and the product comes with an unconditional 30-day return, which is a reflection of the quality. The frames are virtually unbreakable, and at such low prices that you can afford to order a few pairs for a range of environments.

Wrap-Around Style

If you look at the sports section of designer sunglasses, they fit tightly and hug the face, which provides you with complete eye protection, not just from the sunlight, but also the sand. Sports sunglasses have sprung arms that hold the glasses firmly in position, and when you buy from an online supplier, the product description will give size and dimension details, to ensure the sunglasses are a good fit.

Choose Large Lenses

For men, anything around 50mm will cover your eyes completely, plus a good portion of your cheeks and under the eyes, which need to have some protection from the strong, direct sunlight. For both men and women, the aviator style is perfect for beach conditions, as they have large lenses that offer great protection.


A day on the beach will involve a lot of activity, so you need sunglasses that can stand the test of time, made from high-grade composite plastic that does not fade or is compromised by heavy wear. In fact, there are suppliers of designer sunglasses that offer a lifetime warranty, and in the event, you do break them, the supplier will replace the product for the cost of shipping only. You also have a 30-day return warranty, so if something isn’t right, simply return them to the supplier and they will send you a new pair.

Rather than spending a day browsing stores in the mall, why not search online for a leading designer sunglasses supplier? The best quality at very affordable prices makes for a very good deal.

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