5 Reasons A Fruit Salad Is The Perfect Party Dessert

A Fruit Salad Party food is at its best when it is delicious, dainty and pretty. Nobody wants to be chatting to strangers whilst trying to take a large, tricky bite. If you’re planning a large gathering, easy to prepare food is a winner. If the party food can be attractive, tasty, easy to make and healthy as well then you have struck party food gold. A well-prepared fruit salad ticks all the right boxes. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. It’s fresh

When choosing fruit, bear in mind that seasonal fruit usually tastes better and is at its peak of ripeness. It is also more likely to be locally produced and have fewer food miles. Fruit that is at the peak of ripeness has the best texture and lasts the longest in the bowl. This helps to avoid mushy or over-crunchy fruit.

2. It’s convenient

Fruit salad can be served in small bowls and eaten with fingers, forks or even little cocktail sticks. Small mouthfuls allow for elegant nibbling. Fruit is a refreshing and healthy choice and so it can be a favorite for people who want to indulge in dessert without feeling too full or bloated afterward.Fruit delivery firms such as Fruidel make life even easier for hosts/hostesses, delivering high-quality fruit ready for prep.

Tip: Be sure to remove all stones, pits, skins, and stems. Not only does it taste unpleasant to crunch down on bitter grape seeds but removing them from your mouth in the company is tricky to do discreetly and it’s often hard to find a place to dispose of them. It also makes the fruit salad look cleaner and more appetizing if it is well prepared.

3. It’s attractive

Chopping the fruit into uniform, bite size pieces makes the salad easier to eat and prettier. Mixing up colors and textures also makes it nicer to look at and interesting to eat. Think about combining crunch, juice, softness, and seediness for a taste explosion.

Fruit is naturally a beautiful color, contrast different colors to ensure an eye catching bowl. Different color fruits tend to contain different nutrients too so a rainbow salad is a super healthy salad. Adding equal parts of each fruit helps to ensure that no one gets just a bowl full of soggy strawberries at the end of the evening.

4. It’s flexible

Seasoning your fruit salad with orange, lemon or lime zest and juice enhances the flavor and also stops some of the fruit, like apples, from discoloring. Herbs are also a great way of adding a little extra natural zing. Mint and basil work particularly well. It’s lovely to use fruit and herbs to create nature’s own seasoning but if your fruit is particularly tart, a sprinkle of sugar can help too and because it will dissolve, there won’t be any residual graininess. Offering a little dollop of cream or yogurt adds richness for a more indulgent dessert.

5. It’s healthy

All fruit offers some health benefits so for a virtuous dessert you have a wealth of choice. Fruit in its raw, natural state contains water so helps to keeps guests refreshed and hydrated. It is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals and contains enzymes which will aid the digestion of the other party food. A very tasty and healthy dessert indeed.

Favorites that stand up well to chopping and mixing include blueberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit, apple, melon, pineapple, grapes, and cherries. Together, these fruits create a beautiful, colorful salad. You could even add extra sparkle by sprinkling some little pomegranate jewels over the top as a finishing touch.

Whatever your choice of fruit, serve it up attractively and it’ll look just as good as something not-so-healthy, and be a lot better for your party guests.

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