5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Getting Their Child Admitted Into a School

A school plays a vital role in a child’s life, it is responsible for a lot of things, and one of those things is the development of the personality. Choosing the right school can make the future of your child, but if the admission process is not taken seriously by the parents, then the future of their children can be at stake, most of the schools now offer online school admission.

A good school means good education which is very important for the child’s future. Education enacts a critical part in one’s life, if one attains a good education, then the chances of success for him in life are very high. Good education and good school go hand in hand, and the parent must evaluate how good a school is.

Usually, international schools have the upper hand when it comes to providing a good education, and this is because most of the international schools follow the IB (International Baccalaureate which is an international curriculum.

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IB has a lot of advantages over the regular state boards; it has an advanced curriculum which includes training in all areas is it academic or extracurricular activities Here are 5 questions every parent should ask before getting their child admitted into a school:

  1. 1.    Is the School ready for the Future? – It is essential to know if the school is prepared for the future, most of the schools talk about their present and past achievements. If you think sensibly then your child will be attending the school for about 14 years and in those years the world is going to evolve, so it is vital to know whether the school has any plans.
  2.    How Qualified is the Staff? – It is essential to know how much skill the staff of your child’s future Online School possess. Skills are required not only for good academic experience but also for the overall development of the child. A child always follows the action of his/her elders, and if the teachers are cooperative and patient, then children might grow up into good human beings.
  3.    What curriculum is being followed at the school? – Knowing which curriculum is being followed at the future Online School of your child is very important. Most of the schools follow CBSE which is a state board, but international schools like MLSI follow the IB programme which is a global education curriculum. IB is a lot more beneficial when compared to the state boards. If a Online School is following the IB programme, then it is guaranteed that they will be exposed to all types of challenges, not just academics. Also, the procedure for admission in an international and the age criteria are identical to the one which follows a state board and the age.
  4.     How is the child’s progress evaluated? – Many schools assess their children based on their academic performance which is not the right thing to do as the academic scores tell you the learning capability of the child. To evaluate a child properly it is essential to look at the other aspects of learning too, for example, extracurricular activities, and the child might not be good at academics but good at something else. It would be more sensible for the teachers to groom the child at something he is good at not something he is not.
  5.    How much importance is given to value? – Values are not something that can be learned on your own. Instead, they are created when you see it in other people, and they can be either bad or good. It is crucial for a school to develop ethical values in its students, and these cannot be taught instead they have to be created.

A school can only be successful in creating values if it organizes visits for social work. Donating blood, going to orphanages or blind schools, etc. Only these kinds of activities can create values in them not teachings from books. As I said before these activities are most prevalent in IB schools and the international school admission procedure is straightforward. So, go ahead and get your children admitted into an international school for their brighter future.

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