5 Easy Hacks for Easier Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

If you are planning to relocate to Dubai, it can be a tough call. Apart from understanding their culture and getting accustomed to their community, you have to make sure that you have all the legal and valid documents that the authority would ask for. Amongst many, marriage certificate attestation is vital. It is taken to be a documentation of you being married as the government does not accept two people living together before marriage. Also if you wish to apply for the resident visa for your better-half, you have to attach your attested marriage certificate from both the countries (the country where you want to stay and the country you are leaving). The tricky part is to choose an agency providing flawless attestation services. Make sure you spend your time and money on the right firm who can get your papers done while you can take care of the necessary preparations for shifting. Here are five great tips you can follow to ensure that you get a hassle-free service for your marriage certificate attestation on time.

Easy Hacks for Easier Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai
  • Track down all you can about Dubai

For getting the attestation done, you first need to know and understand the rules and regulations set by their government and the laws you need to abide by. Read, research, ask people who possibly know about it as much as you can. The more you get bright with everything you need to do, the process of getting the attestation done will be easier. The search will also help you find the best-recognized firm in Dubai, which is aware of the rules and can validate your certificate correctly.

  • Check the backdrop

Before settling for one firm, make sure you check everything about it. With the high-speed internet and everything just a click away, this is not a big deal. Look for the years the firm has been into business, how many cases it has handled without faltering, its experiences, feedbacks from old and new clients, customer care services, and their after-work services. Search on their website to know the types of services they provide. A reputed firm may also offer other required services like the visa process or documentation.

  • Ask for recommendations

If you are not sure about which firm to entrust your job with, you can always seek help from the Dubai authorities. Since they are aware of the credibility of the agencies and know which one will serve your purpose at a reasonable price, this is the best way. You can get the attestation services from a reputed agency that can be trusted and has expertise in this area. Let them handle all your papers while you focus on planning and moving.

  • Understand the procedure

It is equally important to understand the laws and procedures laid down by the Dubai government to find a trusted agency. As you become clear with the rules, you can cross-check to see whether the firm you are planning to hire goes through all the required procedures. This way you know that your marriage certificate is legally attested and you will have no problem while moving out. This will also help you assess the quality of the service offered by the agency while taking care of your budget and need.

  • Find out the time-span

Before hiring, ask the firm that how long will it take to finish the entire process. This way, you can stay aware, do all the other needfuls while your paperwork gets done. In most cases, 3-5 working days are required to get the job done. But you can also hire another firm if you feel that they are taking too long to finish the attestation. You can also spend a few more extra bucks and get the process done quicker when it’s urgent, and you are moving out in a short while.

So, you can easily find an experienced firm online, keeping in mind the above-given tips. Once you get a reliable agency and they declare you the estimated time, cost, documents required, and procedures, you can stay assured that your work will be done even before you are ready to leave. Put an end to all your worries and get the attestation done today itself!

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