5 Care Tips for Invisalign Wearers

Nowadays, the use of Invisalign continues to be an effective and popular method for the straightening of crooked or poorly arranged teeth, to ensure people get the perfect smile. However, for those who are considering Invisalign treatment, it is necessary that you maintain oral health when you wear the dental appliance. For the best results, you also have to consider some care factors.

invisalign wearers

If you just made up your mind to opt for the use of clear braces, it is advisable that you approach an expert who has gone through orthodontic continuing education. Probably, you may have done some reading online and now have an idea of what exactly you should expect from the treatment.

One thing with using Invisalign or clear aligners is that patients say their aligners smell or become discolored afterward, sometimes at the end of just two weeks wearing them. With proper care, however, this is something you can prevent. As you go through this post, it should guide you on some tips for caring for your teeth with the aligners.

To optimize the results of your treatment, you should:

1.     Resist the Urge to Remove the Aligners

Usually, for the treatment to be a successful one, patients need to wear the aligners for at least twenty hours in a day. Keep them on at all times, unless you plan to brush your teeth, eat, or drink. If you decide to remove the aligners at any time because you end up feeling odd having them in your mouth, it should take a long time for you to have them on and the healing duration of wearing them to achieve the best results will also increase.

2.     Also, Brush Your Aligners

Each time you decide to brush your teeth, you need to also consider brushing the clear aligners. Twice in a day, brush your aligners. For the best results, it is advisable that you keep your toothbrush separately and clean your teeth as well as aligners. While wearing the invisible orthodontic aligners, make sure you use hot water at all times, or else the hot water would damage the plastic. Brush your teeth inside and outside the aligner and make sure you thoroughly rinse it.

Tip: Consider Your Toothbrush a Best Friend

Most doctors, especially those that go through additional training or Gerety Orthodontic Seminars, learn more about dental appliances and they always give one advice. There’s a difference to using Invisalign. In a normal scenario, you have to brush your teeth twice in a day. However, it is advisable that you also brush your teeth after drinking or eating any colored drink or food. This will always prevent the aligners from the risks of stains and keeps them clear/discreet.

To be prepared, you should also have a toothbrush kit with you at all times. Keep in mind that this would require you to get used to it, and your aligners and teeth will eventually thank you enough for it.

3.     Remove the Aligners Only When Necessary

It is easy that you end up forgetting where you keep the aligners when you take them out. Sometimes, you may end up keeping them in a tissue. Since they are clear aligners, this would make it hard for you to keep them safe. You should ensure that you keep the aligners clean and safe by keeping them safely in their cases.


4.     Avoid Lip glosses and Lipstick (For Women)

When you wear Invisalign you should prevent using lip gloss or lipstick. Such elements always stick to the aligners, which will limit their effect on the teeth. It is always recommendable that you should wait a while for the treatment to work before you use lip gloss and lipstick once again. Some other products like lip balm are safe to use (as long as it has no tint in it).

5.     Make Sure You Floss

You should make sure that you do not forget to floss. Yes, flossing is highly important, especially when you wear Invisalign trays, but then again, you can also floss normally without the need to navigate around the wires and metal of the standard braces. What you have to ensure is that you take the Invisalign trays out, and then you should floss in between your teeth and then take out all the food bits that remain stuck in the teeth throughout the day. You need to ensure that you also floss once in a day.

During the treatment, it is important that you consult your dentists. Even if you decide to see an orthodontist with training in orthodontic continuing education, you will need to consult a general dentist during the orthodontic treatment. Your hygienist and dentist will ensure that your teeth remain healthy, as they provide you with the right professional cleanings and examinations to ensure you get the “picture perfect” smile that’s beautiful and healthy.

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