4 Signs That You Need To Change Your Rolling Paper

The act of rolling a joint is universally identified by every smoker in the world of cannabis. Rolling papers are the most preferred mode enjoying the weed and the quality of the paper is extremely crucial to rilling an admirable reefer. Raw rolling papers do not create a hassle or one does not have clean after like while using pipes or bongs. When selecting a rolling paper you have to understand some basics about the product.

Here are some signs that your rolling paper is not ‘the one’ for you and you need to switch brands for the ultimate experience.

First, the paper burns too fast

This is a common issue faced by several fellow smokers trying to enjoy a blunt. The paper tends to burn very quickly as compared to the stuff inside jeopardizing a thorough experience. Quick paper Bruns are usually observed in rolling papers made from wood pulp. A mindful alternative to resolving this issue is trying wholesale raw rolling papers in the UK as they are easily available and can give a long-lasting session. There are a plethora of options available in the market these days. You can switch to raw rolling papers made from hemp, rice, or even flax seeds.

Second, the gum is not of good quality

The gum on the rolling paper reflects directly on the overall quality of the same and turns out to be the deciding factor while choosing the rolling paper. Once you find out that a certain company does not produce a product with good gum to pull the whole joint together appropriately, immediately start looking for options to replace the same. It creates a lot of hassle and takes the fun factor away from the whole process. One can easily find some good brand after a research session with rolling papers that come with strong binding agents like sugar glue.

Third, the rolling paper leaves a funny aftertaste

The aftertaste after smoking a good quality blunt should be far from funky. The taste usually has nothing to do with the rolling paper but mostly with the cannabis, you are using. Sometimes though you come across types of rolling papers that might depreciate the taste of even the best stuff you score. In fact, there are rolling papers specifically designed to enhance the inherent flavor of the weed. Also, particular specialized flavored rolling papers are available if you are inclined and looking for your favorite flavors like chocolate, cotton candy, strawberry, or mint.

Fourth, the paper tears too easily

When opting for thin rolling papers, an individual might cross paths with such an issue if the thin papers are not of good quality. One can look for some high-end rice papers that are equally thin but do not give way easily. This issue, however, commands a little introspection before blaming it all on the raw rolling paper. The tearing can also occur due to the use of the wrong rolling technique or over-filling and a conclusion about changing the brand you use should be drawn only after determining that these were not the underlying problems with the tear.

Wrapping up, keep the search for ‘the one’ going

Finding the absolute correct rolling paper that compliments your stuff and provides all the affirmative experiences comes by with a whole lot of trial and error. Therefore, keep experimenting with different ones as there is a myriad of options out there which warrants no compromise on any aspect. If you are experiencing an issue redundantly while using any specific rolling paper then go ahead and ask your pals or the internet for the rolling paper brands that could not cause similar problems.


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