4 Fun Birthday Party Games Every Kid Wants to Play

Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a time for your children to enjoy themselves and make memories with their friends. When you’re planning your child’s birthday party, one thing you’ve got to include is birthday party games.

There are tons of games that you can include during the party that are sure to be a hit. We’re here to give you some ideas about what type of group games you can roll out at your next child’s birthday party.

  1. Inflatables

What’s better than getting to jump around in a funhouse? One of the best things you can do for your child’s next party is choosing an inflatable rental.

Reputable companies will offer customers tons of options to choose from, including jumpers or water slides. If your child’s birthday is during the hotter months, having an inflatable outside is one of the best ideas you could have.

Kids will have fun for hours on end, bouncing around an inflatable.

  1. Musical Statues

Musical statues are almost the same as musical chairs, minus where people fight over a place to sit. Kids love to dance, and what better way to encourage this than musical statues.

Pick out some of your child’s favorite songs and get all the children into a group. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze in their pose of choice. If any child moves when the music is off, they’re out.

You keep going until only one child is left, and that child receives a prize of their choosing.

  1. Scavenger Hunts

This game could work on teamwork if you’ve got many people attending the birthday party. Hide items around the venue or your home and create a list of hints to find each item.

The first team that reaches the treasure at the end of the scavenger hunt wins. You could also do this individually if the party will be smaller in number and provide prices based on the order that people finish the hunt in.

  1. Olympic Sports Competition

Competition is a healthy part of children’s development, and that’s why sporting games are a fantastic game to include in your next party. On the birthday invitations, you could include a line letting the children know which teams they are on for the party.

When they arrive, provide a series of fun sporting games for kids to participate in. It’ll keep them busy, and each time a team wins, they get to choose a prize.

Birthday Party Games 101

Birthday party games are the best way to pass the time between eating and blowing out birthday candles. We’ve given you tons of options, including renting inflatables or creating a specially themed scavenger hunt for children to participate in.

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