3 Ways Your Teeth Health Impact Your Overall Health

According to the CDC, more than one in four American adults have untreated tooth decay, and almost half of adults over 30 have signs of gum disease.

Even with the influx of access to dental care and knowledge about teeth health, there are still plenty of adults who suffer from bad teeth and health issues.

Along with diseases like gum disease and oral cancer, poor teeth health can cause other illnesses and health issues. It’s important to be aware of other health issues that could be caused if your teeth are left untreated.

Continue reading to find out health issues you may face with poor oral hygiene along with tips on how to prevent them.

  1. Chronic Diseases Caused By Poor Oral Hygiene

Unhealthy gums can become caused by unclean teeth and a lack of flossing. This can lead to gum diseases as well as other diseases, such as heart diseases and respiratory infections.

Heart disease

Teeth and heart health are interconnected. Bacteria from gum disease can travel into your bloodstream and cause heart disease.

Heart disease caused by bad tooth care includes atherosclerosis and endocarditis. Both diseases can lead to an increased risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Lung disease

Respiratory infections and lung diseases can be caused by the inhalation of bacteria in your mouth. This bacteria is caused by infected teeth and gums and can lead to issues such as pneumonia.

Preventing respiratory infections caused by poor oral hygiene is especially important for older individuals. Treatments such as dentures that are left unclean can produce bacteria that lead to life-threatening illnesses.

  1. Affects on Pre-Existing Conditions

Poor teeth health can also affect pre-existing health issues or lead to a higher risk of other illnesses for those with pre-existing chronic illnesses. Being aware of how your pre-existing health works in relation to proper oral hygiene care will help avoid added illnesses or issues later on.


Gum disease appears more frequently and is severe for those diagnosed with diabetes. Research also shows that people with gum disease face more difficulty keeping track of their blood sugar levels.

For individuals with diabetes, it’s especially important to prevent periodontal diseases in order to reduce diabetes symptoms.

Pregnancy Complications 

Premature birth has been shown to be linked to periodontitis. Low birth weight is also attributed to poor oral hygiene.

Getting regular orthodontist checkups from this dentist or others can prevent you from developing periodontitis.

  1. Poor Oral Care = Poor Self-Esteem

On top of physical health issues caused by poor oral care, self-esteem and mental health problems have also been linked to teeth mistreatment. Oral health problems and orthodontic issues such as missing teeth or the inability to properly speak can increase self-esteem issues among adolescents as well as adults.

How to Combat Bad Teeth Health

So how to improve teeth health? Improper teeth health can be caused by a multitude of things. For example, a diet filled with high intakes of sugar as well as habits of smoking and drinking alcohol can lead to tooth decay and therefore issues such as gum disease.

While limiting intake on products such as these is helpful in the long run, following proper dental care procedures and getting regular checkups will also prevent bacteria from staying trapped in your mouth.

Hopefully after learning about the health concerns related to oral health you are interested to take proper care of your teeth. After all, better teeth lead to better health overall.

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