3 Types of Appointment Reminders and When to Use Them

Your whole business is dependent upon how you maintain the relationship with your clients. Whether you want to build strong patient management or better communication, there are various suitable options available to accomplish all your required goals. Appointment reminder is one of those effective methods which will help you in building positive relationships with your patients if you follow this method efficiently. You can opt for medical appointment reminder software available online, who will provide you with professional services to build a better relationship with patients. If you’re following the two-way communication approach through this efficient reminder method then you can easily build a trustworthy relation with your patients. To provide a valuable service to your patients, you need to follow this method efficiently because excess use of this approach will result in annoying behaviours for your patient. To witness effective outcomes of appointment reminders, you need to understand the various types of this method and how to use them.

So, here are various types of appointment reminders to make a positive impact on your patients along with reducing no shows.

3 Types of Appointment Reminders You Should Use for Your Business

Phone Calls

We all know about this kind of appointment reminder. This traditional form of method is evergreen, but also time-consuming. One can use automated calls or manual calls according to their requirement. If you have a large number of patients then using automated phone calls will provide you with better advantages. You can hire a front desk executive to do this work or if you already have a front desk executive then just assign them the task.

When to Use:

To provide your patients with a better appointment reminder, make sure you call them before 24 hours of the appointment. Keep this message a two-way communication to get better advantages.


When comparing a phone call with emails, emails interact more professionally. So, make sure you provide a phone call along with emails to witness strong communication. In this innovative and professional world, we all use emails in our mobile and open it frequently. Several people found emails more interacting and less interrupting.

There is also a possibility that your email might end up in the spam folder and your patients didn’t check that. To avoid spamming, make sure you include only text along with very few clickable links.

When to Use:

There is a possibility that your patient might be busy and overlooked your email in 24 hours. So, in this case, experts recommend sending an email before 3 days of the appointment date.

Most Effective Way – Text Messages

No matter where we go, we hardly miss our cellphones and because of this reason, Text messages are the best way to communicate with your patients. It hardly contains any disadvantages or barriers, this traditional method is still popular for several big enterprises. When our phone ping, we immediately check who’s text is there and this is what makes this approach effective. Try to make it two-way communication, ask for confirmation of the appointment by telling them to reply – Yes or No.

There are several online medical appointment reminder software which will provide automation of messages, you can approach them and get exceptional outcomes.

When to Use:

Sending the right message and on the right time is very crucial to build a relationship with your patients. So, make sure you send the text message before 2 days of appointment and you can also send a message one day before the appointment. Don’t go beyond two messages otherwise, it will be annoying for the patient and you might lose a potential patient.

Wrapping Up

When you want to grow your business with the latest innovation and advancement, it is very important to adopt the appointment reminder method to build a strong relationship with your patients. We hope that the above-discussed types of appointment reminders and how to use them will help you in achieving better growth and productivity.

Through this professional method, you will be able to earn trustworthiness from your client and also increase sales. You can try different types of appointment methods and should go for the one which is perfectly suitable for your business outcomes. So, maximise your time and efficiency through this excellent method and witness great advantages for your business.


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