3 Standard Mistakes that will Cause Athletes Low Back Pain

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend combatant, we all want to make our life efficiently and in the best possible way. To make it possible, many of us went out on weekends to participate in several sports events happening in the town. Whether you are competing in your town or at any high level, you can’t ignore low back pain (LBP), which is very critical.

There are many exceptional athletes and common men, who make mistakes in the training session that lead them to LBP. Avoiding these common mistakes could help you in winning all the titles and saving the amount you’re going to spend on doctors or medical treatment. By confronting these mistakes, LPB stays away from you and ensures that you will follow what your heart wants to achieve.

Today, we are here to give you detailed information about these three common mistakes that will cause you LBP. Ignoring these common mistakes will help you in achieving all your goals and free from LBP.

Here are 3 Most Common Mistakes Athletes make that can cause Low Back Pain

Here are 3 Most Common Mistakes Athletes make that can cause Low Back Pain

Prolonged Sitting

Sitting for long periods is one of the biggest factors for Low back pain. When you sit for long hours at a place, it causes imprudent strain on the lumbar discs and ligaments. This will tighten your hamstring muscles and also discourage proper gluteal muscle function.

Apart from running, swimming or exercising, we spend a lot of time just sitting. Whether it is sitting in your normal job or normal weekend, The worst thing is sitting ideal. Avoid LBP by following the above-listed things:

  • Move from your place every hour and take a walk.
  • Sit with the correct posture. You can also go for some tools to learn the perfect sitting position.

Make sure you follow the above things to keep yourself away from LBP. Consult your professional physical therapists to understand the correct sitting posture that will give you the best outcomes.

Inadequate training for Inner and Outer core muscles

The most important thing to stay away from LBP is to provide efficient core and lumbar extensor strength. In our daily lives, we hardly spend time strengthening our core muscles. Your body’s core muscles perform the natural process of stabilizing the spine. The core contains two groups of muscles – Inner and Outer core muscles. You need to perform a correct and adequate amount of strengthening training for both inner and outer to get the finest results,

Make sure you go to a professional strengthening training provider in the town, who will teach you the perfect benefits and correct exercise of the most prominent outcomes.

You need a Proper Warm-Up

We all know how effective a warm-up is, whether you want to minimize the risk of injury or want to enhance your performance, it is going to give you the finest results. Here are three types of warm-up that you can perform,

  • Cardiovascular warm-up – It depends on the activity or sports you perform. The motto of this warm-up is to increase your heart rate and blood flow. It includes jumping, jogging, running, and much more.
  • Dynamic warm-up – Under this warm-up, you need to perform quick stretches and few burpees. It will help in waking up your nervous system and efficient blood flow throughout the body.
  • Spine warm-up – Spin is the most important factor in avoiding LBP, this warm-up will help you in preventing the spine. It includes activities specific to spinal muscle warm-up
  • Sport-specific warm-up – This warm-up will vary according to the sports you are going to participate in. If you’re going to participate in racing then you can perform exercise related to running such as butt kickers, strides or bounding.

A proper and adequate warm-up will help you in staying away from injuries. Make sure you consult your professional therapists before performing any warm-up to get better advantages,

Wrapping Up

Simple low back pain can turn your game and make you a loser, avoid these most common mistakes and get the victory in your favor. We hope that the above-discussed information will help you in winning your next sports tournament or will make you fit and healthy to live a happy life.

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