3 Men’s Summer Fashion Trends About to Hit the Streets

As summer rolls in and the days get hotter, so does the fashion.

Whether you like to rock a more casual, minimalistic style or a more extravagant, bold one, this summer is yours to own. If you’re going to the beach, bar hopping, or taking a tropical getaway, this year’s looks are sure to turn heads.

For our basic guide to 2021’s men’s summer fashion trends, read on.

  1. Colorful Shorts and Pants

As one of the top men’s style trends for this upcoming summer, colorful shorts and pants are here to stay. Whether you’re drawn to a pastel lavender Bermuda short or burnt orange wide-leg trouser, these pieces are sure to have you in style.

Not only are there a wide variety of colorful shorts and pants to choose from, but there are also many tops to pair them with. If you’re sporting a bright color bottom, consider pairing with a solid, neutral color top. You might lean more toward a basic white tee or black v-neck.

You might also enjoy bright patterns and prints on your shorts or pants. These pieces make a statement and show off your unique personality and style.

  1. Bold Jewelry

Keeping up with the trend of bright and bold bottoms, bold jewelry also makes for one of the top fashion trends of the summer. Whether you like rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, there is something for everyone to enjoy this season.

While finding the right jewelry for men can sometimes seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Consider searching for simple men’s fashion rings to pair with a single bold piece. This can help you ease into the world of men’s jewelry if you’re not familiar with it.

Another top style for men’s jewelry this year is a single dangling earring. Wearing a simple dangling earring on one ear can show off an edgy style in a bold way. Consider pairing this earring with a stud or thin hoop on your other ear.

  1. Flowy Silhouettes 

Perfect for those hot summer days and breezy nights, flowing silhouettes and relaxed fit pieces is another top trend. This style pays homage to the loose-fitting, bold men’s fashion of the 1970s.

With wide-leg trousers and open-chest tops, this style is one of the most comfortable, versatile trends this summer. If you feel intimidated to sport a flowing silhouette, have no fear.

Consider paying a visit to your local tailor to find exact measurements that can work for you. Or, opt for clothing pieces with flare and breathable material. This can make it easier to show off a flowing silhouette rather than sizing up.

To keep on trend with this throwback silhouette, consider pairing outfits with retro accessories. These might be circular-frame sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, or slim belts.

Experiment with Men’s Summer Fashion Today

Now that you know three of the top 2021 men’s style trends, what are you waiting for? With summer right around the corner, now is the time to find your men’s summer fashion. Experiment with these styles and level up your look today.

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