10 Ways to Create a Romantic Environment

Are you interested in spending time with your significant other away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world? Many little details are involved in creating a space that is sensual and appealing. Instead of tossing a few petals on the bed and calling it a day, you could take the time to add little elements that would come together to create an romantic and stimulating environment.

Here are ten ways you can create a romantic environment  for your special someone.

10 Ways to Create a Romantic Environment

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Have a Clean Room

No one would want to be feeling romantic and caught up in their feelings while they are right next to a huge pile of clothes with odds and ends scattered all over the room.

So, the first course of action is to give the room a deep clean and pack all clutter out of the space. Organize all elements in the room, ensuring that everything is in its place.

Use Linens and Fabrics

Placing fabrics of different textures in some areas of the room can spice up the atmosphere. Invest in some nice, cotton tablecloths and napkins for the dining table.

The bed should be made with luxurious silk, satin or cotton sheets and pillows and blankets as accents. Set dark and heavy draping on the walls to create a closed-off and intimate feeling in the space.

Incorporate Colours

Adding the right amount of colour to an environment can elevate the level of sensuality and unfortunately, also make it look garish if done excessively.

Hence, you need to add colours in accents like the draperies, sheets, blankets and throw pillows.

Red, pink, purple, and gold hues would go well against white, black, and beige backgrounds.

Low Lighting

It has been established that low lighting helps us to turn off our minds and let soft feelings and emotions permeate our brains.

So, you can take advantage of this beautiful effect by having low, tasteful lighting in the room. Indirect instead of direct lighting works so set your lamps and lights to a dim level.

Better still, make use of votive candles which will make the space look elegant while providing adequate illumination for you and your partner.

Stimulate the Sense of Smell

A smooth, sensual fragrance can stimulate the brain, get inhibitions lowered and turn up amorous feelings.

Place lovely smelling candles around the room, use a plug-in air freshener, sprinkle some rose petals, or use a spray.

However, do not go overboard by combining a lot of different scents or going heavy on the air freshener. You should go for subtle notes of fragrance instead of a heavy and choking smell.

Decorate with Special Moments

You can make the environment more intimate by incorporating objects that remind both of you of memorable moments.

A picture of you and your partner, gifts received and exchanged over the years, jewellery and other keepsakes can be placed on the walls, nightstand, table, and floors.

Use Flowers

Flowers create an appealing sight, light up spaces with their beautiful colours, and give off pleasant fragrances.

By placing full vases or single stems in some strategic places, you can make the room more comfortable for your special someone.

Take note that a few flower arrangements would probably be better aesthetically than a whole store’s worth crammed onto every surface.

Set the Ambience with Music

Create a playlist of smooth and slow love songs, making sure to add ones that are special to your relationship.

Set the volume on a low setting and let the soft sound serve as a background to your romantic evening.

If possible, hide the source of the music and place speakers around the room, so it feels like you are surrounded and immersed in the lovely sounds.

Keep the Temperature Ideal

Make sure the temperature is conducive for an evening of romance. Keep the room warm during the cold season and chilled during the summer.

Your partner should not be sweating; neither should they be huddled up in a coat or blanket when they should be relaxed and comfortable.

Set the Table

You can set out the platter of food you have prepared along with some elements that would go along with the theme for the evening.

Have the bottle of wine or beverage chilled in advance and place the table settings close together for more intimacy. Flowers and candles can be used as centrepieces as well as lighting.

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