Natural Ways to Stay Awake

It’s no surprise that regular sleep deprivation can lead to mental and physical illness, and can impact one’s ability to stay awake. Driving, for instance, requires complete alertness, and that can be hard after being on the road for a while. Additionally, if you didn’t get a good night’s rest, you might be having trouble finishing your shift at work. Whatever the reason, you may need to find a way to stay awake.

Stay Awake

Forget those sugary drinks or energy shots. Here are a few natural ways to help you stay awake.

Take small breaks

Taking small breaks is an effective way to stay alert no matter what you’re doing. If you’re working in a cubicle, take a walk down the hall every hour or so to stay alert and keep your body in an active state. If you’re driving, make frequent stops along the way, even if it’s just to stretch your legs and take a brisk walk around the car.

Switch up things

Both your body and mind get bored with doing the same thing for prolonged periods of time. So, if you find yourself in a rut, try switching things up. For example, if you work at a desk all day, consider taking your work outside for an hour or so. Or, break up your job into smaller tasks you can complete in short bursts, allowing yourself more breaks in between.

Take a power nap

It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to stay awake is by sneaking in a short power nap. This is especially true if you’re operating on a sleep deficit from the night before. Research indicates that just 20 minutes of sleep in the afternoon can recharge you for an extra eight hours. While longer stretches of sleep might be better in allowing you to get in a full sleep cycle, shorter naps are still highly effective, as well.

Use CBD oil

Of course, if you get plenty of sleep at night, you’ll be a lot less likely to need to fall asleep during the day. Even if you don’t feel you need much sleep, it’s best to get a full eight hours before working an entire shift at work or driving a long distance. One natural and effective remedy for sleep disorders is CBD oil. Using CBD before bedtime can help you sleep by relaxing your mind and body. It’s not just effective for falling asleep, though. It will also help you stay asleep so you can get in a full eight hours. Just be sure to use a pure, high-quality product from a reputable brand. Select CBD offers various products sure to meet your needs, but be sure to do your research and read an expert Select CBD review to make sure you know what to expect.

Have a snack

Eating a small snack can do wonders to help you stay awake. Sugary foods and caffeinated beverages can give you an instant boost of energy, but you might end up crashing and needing sleep even more. Instead, it’s best to choose lighter fare, such as fruit, raw veggies, rice cakes, peanut butter, or nuts.

Cool off

You’ve probably realized by now that a warm room can make you drowsy, especially when you’re inactive. So, if you find yourself dozing off, try to get a burst of cool air. Turn your thermostat down to 68 degrees or below, if you can. If you work in an office that’s always on the warm side, consider bringing in your own fan. When driving, it’s pretty easy to just turn on the air-conditioning at full blast for a few minutes. But if that doesn’t work, step outside for a breath of fresh air.

Sleep is essential no matter what you do during your day, but it’s important to get a good night’s sleep to perform at an optimal level. If you’re having trouble staying awake, consider these natural solutions, but if it’s difficulty falling asleep you want to tackle, consider CBD products to help you relax and unwind.

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